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I am a versatile and engaged content creator with a large breadth of adjacent skills. My particular interests include: health & disability issues, technology, communication, and intersectional feminism.

"Dmurring" is a cute pun on my name, but it's also an important part of my professional values. To demur is to hesitate, take exception, or object, especially for moral or ethical reasons; my work strives to question comfortable narratives with an emphasis of understanding of and respect for marginalized populations.

I'm currently available for hire! Please feel free to check out my work below or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Inquiries? Thoughts? Feelings? Feel free to drop me a line at dmurring@gmail.com.

my work

Spoonie Living

Spoonie Living

Spoonie Living is a Chronic Illness and Disability Lifestyle Blog where I post daily resources from around our community as well as original content.

Chronically Badass

Chronically Badass

This illustrated zine serves as an introduction to chronic illness for young people who have recently become ill or received a diagnosis.

Gender Inclusion Feedback Cards

Gender-Inclusion Feedback Cards

These postcard-sized printables ease the process of providing feedback to organizations about their inclusion of trans and nonbinary gender identities, as well as intersex folks.


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