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I'm Diane (they/them). I work on a really wide range of projects, but my favorite kind of work is creating resources and archiving/preservation. Topics of interest include: health & disability issues, technology, communication, and intersectional feminism.

Want to get in touch? Drop me a line at dmurring@gmail.com.

my work

Feel free to browse my major projects below! You can also click here to view my portfolio of selected written work.

Spoonie Living logo: a vintage illustration of a woman holding a spoon

Spoonie Living

Spoonie Living is a Chronic Illness and Disability Lifestyle Blog, active between 2013 and 2020, where I posted daily resources from around our community as well as original content.

Chronically Badass cover image: a young person striking the We Can Do It pose with a blood pressure cuff

Chronically Badass

This illustrated zine serves as an introduction to chronic illness for young people who have recently become ill or received a diagnosis.

The Accessible Activism Checklist logo: A standard accessible icon depicting a person in a wheelchair; a red checkmark is centered in the wheel and forms the person's arm.

The Accessible Activism Checklist

A detailed document (plus accompanying survey and presentation) to help activists and organizers ensure their activities are accessible.

Islandia illustration: a really trippy watercolor illustration that incorporates mountains, an old-fashioned, low-tech city, birds taking off, the face of a woman, some strange starburst/rainbow hybrid, hands outstretched, and a 1920s man on a backdrop of a modern city, with the American flag patterned into his clothing.

Austin Tappan Wright's Islandia, eBook edition

An eBook edition of the classic sprawling utopian novel, converted from a garbled OCR for preservation and accessibility.

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